With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the opening of the frontier between the two German states, and with the collapse of the Soviet Union, it appeared as if the great East-West conflict that had determined the world of the post-war era in the 20th century was terminated. Today, more than a generation after these historic events, it turns out that following this single, big-built, overall conflict a significant number of minor, yet incalculable conflicts have emerged, and still are continuously emerging.


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While giving a judgment on the situation used to be easy – we here, the good guys in the West, over there, in the East, the bad guys – the moral assessment, today, definitely has become a more complex one. Not per se everything that originates from the Western hemisphere of this Earth may always be deemed as being good. And there may even be some truth to the statement that not everything originating from the territories of the former Soviet Union is per se and always a bad thing. 

This is a time of change, and we will have to consider taking on new approaches of looking at the world at large in order to be able to cope with all the upcoming conflicts. The nations of the world, the civilizations of Earth have grown together, they have become interwoven to the extent that there do not exist any buffer zones anymore between the various spheres of interest. Today, the idea of a single planetary union of humanity has become a probability of our near future. Treading peaceful paths towards such a global union is only possible if we all learn to deal with conflicts of any kind in a way of favoring constructive solutions, rather than focusing on pushing through incompatible factual or legal positions. We will have to learn to deal with conflicts, we will actually have to learn to thrive on conflict, i.e. to welcome any conflict situation as a promising challenge for personal growth.

The experience of having settled a dispute in a self-determined manner contributes to an understanding of self as the source of the skills and talents needed to succeed in life.

The Civilizations of the World are Clashing to become One

Conflicts cause constriction of our mental powers, of our creative potential. Once we have experienced the free flow of abundant energy that is released in the process of a constructive resolution of a dispute situation that we have been involved in, we will be able to understand the immense extent of the intrinsic potentialities that reside in any unresolved conflict, and this applies to international disputes of worldwide significance as well as to our everyday quarrels.