There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your Philosophy.

William Shakespeare, Hamlet


While most of us do their rounds in the treadmills of daily life, scientists have gained new, revolutionary insights into the functioning of our brain. According to these findings – that meanwhile have become common knowledge in the scientific fields of neurobiology – the human brain is an organ of high plasticity. It is constantly recreating its morphology by establishing new links between the individual neurons or groups of neurons. Thus, every moment in life holds the potential to rearrange the neuroanatomy of the brain. It is scientifically proven that this also applies to the human brain when it has already grown into old age. In applying new patterns of behavior in our lives, we are at the same time developing new nerve tracts, i.e. new brain substance, even at old age. Instead of being resigned to our “fate” we thus have the capabilities of creating something new, irrespective of what age we are in. Since it is true: the starting point for anything new in our lives is always the same. It is Us.

After all that we have done to this planet, Earth still is a wonderful place to live. And what is more: She still is prepared and capable to nourish all of humanity, and she still is prepared to provide a place for everyone to pursue happiness. It is up to us whether we create something new out of this potential, whether we take the chance – or not.

As a first step, we may start by getting to learn more about ourselves, and our behavior in life. Why is it that in certain areas of life we seem to make no headway? Why is it that we cannot appreciate each new day as a new chance in life? Why are we, especially with regards to issues that are very important to us, constantly resisting change? It may be habituation, it may be listlessness, but more often than not it is simply our lack in understanding of what is our true potential.

It is a common human experience that, from time to time, we feel overwhelmed by outer events or our inner emotional conditions. Yet the individual structures of consciousness that are the trigger mechanisms behind these emotional conditions can easily be decoded from the horoscope by an experienced astrologer. For the experienced astrologer, a careful examination of the horoscope can be as revealing in terms of emotionality as numerous hours of therapeutic talk on the couch. In order to get a rough idea of what is going on, or to quickly psych somebody up, for the experienced astrologer, it is often sufficient to simply have a look at the current planetary transits in the individual horoscope.

The cause for behavioral patterns that hamper our development can always be deduced from certain structures of personality that are depicted in the horoscope. And any and each of these structures of personality are of a certain quality that can as well be converted into a positive, life enforcing state of being. Once we have understood the specific quality that we are acting out in certain themes in our lives, we can definitely perform change.

Inferring this specific quality from the horoscope is the high art of astrology. An astrological consultation is a comprehensive holistic explanation of the planetary and other constellations and factors of the horoscope. After an in‑depth analysis of the horoscope followed by a translation of the symbolically depicted information contained in the horoscope, the astrologer conveys this information to the client. This is the initiation of a basic turnaround process within the consciousness of the client. The Soul recognizes itself, the Mind is preparing for a take-off out of well-worn behavioral patterns that very often are nothing but externally induced conditioning.

In the course of a consultation, I will not tell you: „This is going to happen!“. I will show you: „This is what you can do now!“

In this way you regain the possibility to take the reins in your life – to take over the directions of your “fate”. Since this is your birthright, here on this planet, here on Earth.

Often enough, we betake ourselves onto the road of life and – in the face of the first major hindrance – give it all up and return to life as usual. I will prevent you from giving it all up; I will encourage you to get back on the road and make it.

Together, we will compose a schedule for your journey.

It is time. It is the perfect time to get started.