Sagittarius 2016 - Celebrating the Human Spirit

Emerging from the depths of Scorpio, with the Sun passing through Sagittarius, we are now rising up into the heights of the Human Spirit. It is of utmost importance that we do not get stuck in our delimiting thoughtforms or in our pain - be it emotional or physical pain. While we can change our thoughtforms quite easily with a little practice, our pain sometimes can be overwhelming. Pain of course is an important information system used by our physical or emotional bodies in order to communicate with us. Yet once the information is understood, we can let go of the pain. I was reminded of this myself yesterday: Something had struck me in my back energetically. The pain was so strong - I could not move anymore. It was so heavy I thought I needed to see a doctor. Sabine - my wife - who is a high-rising expert in classical homoeopathy gave me some homoeopathic remedies and the pain got better. As is sometimes the case in the homoeopathic cyclic healing process, the pain was there again today in the morning - but not as strong as it had been before. While my human mind was still fighting against the idea of having to see a doctor in order to be able to function again on Monday morning, Sabine engouraged me to go on, to let the healing process evolve. Then also my Higher Self came through and told me: Ignore the pain, just go through it! And I did. I was immediately able to move again, almost without any pain. I was not overwhelmed by the pain anymore, I now was overwhelmed by the human capacity of going through pain and letting healing take place.

This is what the energy of Sagittarius is all about: Trust your Spirit and let your Consciousness evolve - high up into the Universe and far beyond of what our rational mind thinks is possible. Because in terms of human consciousness - everything is possible. It is up to every single one of us to make it happen. Let's just do so!

04/12/2016 - 1:02pm

SCORPIO - Deep into darkness - Rising Up into the Light

SCORPIO - Deep into darkness - Rising Up into the Light

I was just giving my hand to someone I was definitely afraid of. I was sitting in the closed department of a psychiatric hospital, visiting someone and waiting. I had never seen this man before, he must have been a new patient. Maybe he had been in the isolation room before and now - being filled up with the psychiatric drugs - was taking the first steps out of the isolation room. 

I had been sitting reading an astrological journal when he came up to me and sat down smoking. He started a conversation but could barely talk. Somehow I always found the right answer to his questions. Still, I rather wanted to read my journal. Then he came up right close to me. Recently, I had been learning a lot about possessive energies. But, now, in these eyes, I had a chance of really seeing something you would call darkness. I was starting to feel uneasy with him staring at me so close. I decided to stand the situation and let the interaction evolve. He - or better the energies - kept looking at me. It was as if they were checking out what was „wrong with me“. I did not start a fight against them (the usual reaction of people when they are confronted with these kinds of energies), I consciously let them be. That was maybe something they never experienced before. I accepted them in their being. After all, acceptance is the key to many things in life. 

Then the man said „Thank you“ and stretched out his hand to me. I gave him my hand. His hand felt completely different than the whole situation or he himself. I felt a warm, calm energy radiating out from his hands. It felt good. Good is God. We are all divine beings. The Divine is there within. WE HAVE TO EMANATE THE DIVINE INTO THIS WORLD. This is the purpose of our existence. 

Possessive energies are entrapped in their pattern, yet they also yearn back to the Divine source. We can learn to show them the way. 

06/11/2015 - 9:33pm

Spring 2015 pre-Announcement: Astrological DETOX - Detoxify your Brain - Clear your Mind

It's not only what we feed our body with that determines our well-being - it's what we feed our MIND with that predominantly determines what we encounter in Life and how we cope with it. By using the astrological wisdom we are able to create personal success in Life and face the challenges of the current astrological influences within Time.

13/03/2015 - 5:14pm


CONCEPTION ... is the explosion of consciousness into 3D existence. It is the individualization of the divine soul spark into life on Earth. Birth, then, becomes the ultimate entrance into this world as an individual human being. The purpose of life is the evolution of our soul, the purpose of our life is to bring Heaven onto Earth. Or, as Plato would have said, to manifest the world of the divine ideas on Earth. Our task now is to expand human consciousness into the cosmic realms of All That Is and - within the framework of the individualized human self - to recreate the holy oneness here on Earth and to carry this experience on further, into Time.



30/12/2014 - 6:50pm