Therapy is a means for transportation, a means for re-directing the focus of the human ego – back onto the path within.

This path may be blocked, there may be barriers which have been built up long ago and which now have to be cleared away. Sometimes it may be a journey through unknown territory or through territory that was abandoned by the client in times of childhood or even in times beyond. The quest for an entrance to this world is what therapy is all about. Once an entrance is found, it is important to make sure that the client is given the chance to open the doors to this forgotten world by his own. Therapy provides guidance during this process. Yet it is up to the client to take the action. When somebody else does it in place of the client – be it a therapist or someone else – the client will not be able to regain self-confidence and thus be prepared for the journey ahead, the journey into new territories of life. 

Trust is the pledge given to the therapist. Without trust – there is no successful therapy. As soon as the client has re-opened the doors to the world of his soul and has stepped into his forgotten land, the therapist hands the pledge back to the client. At the end of the therapeutic process, the client has again found what it means to have trust in life. Trusting life means being in touch with one’s intuition.

Healing means bringing the Self back in touch with the Soul

It is one of the great challenges of our time to really understand what the instrument of Reason that is given to the human race is all about. Reason is a way of mastering life, a way of weaving in all the information provided by our intuition, our emotions, and our senses. Reason is not to be used in order to suppress our emotions or our intuition, or to disregard the information provided by our senses. We have now stepped into the 21st century; we do have access to all the information needed to succeed in life, as individuals as well as a civilization on this planet. Yet most of us do not use Reason in order to succeed in life or to ameliorate the conditions for life on this planet. Most of us are acting as if we were prisoners of life, as if we were prisoners of our emotions, our fears, of our anger and our lethargy. In successful therapy, reason is the instrument used to acknowledge the client’s emotions, his or her fears and anger. These emotions have meaning. There is a reason why they are overwhelming the consciousness of the client. Therapy means providing the protection and the space for the client to safely look at these emotions, to recognize the anger, the fear. Healing of emotion is always possible. Yet emotional wounds need to be acknowledged before healing can take place.


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We can take over responsibility for our lives.
We now must regain access to our intuition – the Megaphone of our Soul (Chris Griscom)

Usually, our ego is guided by our emotions. While we think that we are acting rationally, we in actuality are not. The same applies to responsibility. Responsibility means taking care of the basics in life – and the basics of our lives are body, mind and soul. The basic element of life is this very moment. – How do you feel now? – We have given away responsibility to our parents, our partners, our work, to society and to the government. “May they take charge of securing our future” we think. This is an illusion. The future is never secure if this very moment isn’t. Your body, mind and soul are your assets, not the bank accounts that we have projected our illusions of monetary abundance on. Money is an important factor in life. Money is something we need to take responsibility for. Yet it is an illusion to think that money will buy an abundant and healthy future. Balance of body, mind and soul will secure our future. Taking over responsibility means getting in touch with one’s intuition, and with the information our body holds for us. Emotions are signals. They are signaling information on what we have to pay attention to in our healing process.

Astrology in the Healing Process

Individual contents of consciousness are depicted in the Horoscope and so is the interplay of the various intrinsic factors making up consciousness. A therapist with comprehensive astrological experience is capable of discerning the combined effects of emotions, feelings and rational deliberations in the client from the horoscope and shows a reasonable as well as an intuitive approach for the client to bring all of these various aspects of consciousness into balance. Once the client has been guided on this inner path of weaving in all of these aspects of consciousness into a solid matrix of life, the client is capable of bringing about healing in his life. That’s what therapy is all about. 

If you wish to immerge into the depths of therapy I recommend you start with having a consultation where we first sort out the general situation you are in, in terms of recent astrological influences as well as in terms of basic astrological life-time themes you are dealing with. This will assist you in taking the next steps, in life as well as in your healing process.