Love and Relationship

Even in these times of individualism being the big thing, love and relationship continue to play an important role in our lives. An astrological comparison of your horoscope with the horoscope of your partner is a way of gaining insight into the structure of your relationship. In this way, you will shine light on the background of the problems which you are confronted with in your relationship.

When it comes to analyzing the intrinsic structure of any partnership, a core feature of my approach to astrological work is of utmost importance, namely that there is never any inherent judgment involved in astrology: In my opinion, in responsible astrological consultancy, judging an astrological constellation as being “good” or as being “bad” is not possible. In terms of comparing the horoscopes of people involved in a relationship this means that there is no such thing as a “dream team” horoscope combination as well as that there is no such thing as two horoscopes that do not match. There actually do not exist any “good” or any “bad” horoscopes at all. As in all of existence, anything that makes a difference, anything that shows different characteristics – is always and only a matter of quality and dynamics. This applies to the dynamics among the partners in a relationship, the members of a family, of a working team or any other group as well as to the dynamics resulting from the interplay of the various particular factors in an individual horoscope.

It definitely is an adventure to immerse in these dynamics and look behind the outward-oriented positions of our ego. It is an illusion, however, to believe that by getting insight into the screenplay of our relationships we might be able to change the way other people behave or lead their lives, be it our partners, families, friends or colleagues. Change is always up to us. At any time, we can begin with altering our responses to the energetic outbursts or subtle magnetic deflections resulting from the intrinsic mechanisms of the interpersonal relations we are involved in.

By consciously changing our responsive behavioral patterns in a relationship we are even capable of initiating a process of developing new structures in our brain. As has been discovered by the neurosciences, new links and loops between the neurons in our brain are generated in adapting our responses to changes in outward stimuli, i.e. to new outward – and actually also to inner – experiences we have in life. With anything new that we do in our lives, with any new attitude that we take on, we actually initiate the creation of new nerval structures in our brain.

According to further discoveries in the fields of neurobiology, interpersonal relations are indispensible for the development of human consciousness, from early childhood on.

To sum up: Every problem we are confronted with in our relationships – the problem thereby seen as a change in outward stimuli – is a means for us to initiate the rejuvenation of our brain by prompting the creation of new nerval structures when adapting our responsive behavioral patterns to the new situation. The gist of all of this is that actually any problem we face in life is a gateway to the evolution of our brain, and also to the realization of our self.

There is an enormous potential of change laid out in the astrological constellations of our horoscope. It is always our choice to make use of it or not. In the end, in terms of relationship, it is not the blame that we put on somebody else in saying “this is what you have done to me” but rather it is the wisdom of tolerance in saying “I can see you in the true essence of your being”.

Whatever the challenge involved in a relationship may be, it always comes down to a learning process for our Self. In other words, any problem relating to our personal relations actually relates to us, involves a potential of growth for our Self.

If you have questions regarding love and relationship or questions with respect to the horoscope of your partner you can order a horoscope of your partner with the below order form. Alternatively, or in addition to that, it is also possible to discuss the themes of your relationship in a personal consultation. Following my experiences, I definitely recommend a personal consultation regarding issues relating to love and relationship. In a personal consultation, with the astrologer explaining the astrological background of these life themes, it is much easier to step aside and let go of our usual rigid ego positions. Thus, we have the opportunity to look behind the façades we have set up in relating to one another. We will then be able to open ourselves for the abundance that comes from acceptance. It is this experience of abundance in saying “I see you in the essence of your being”.

Still another option of working on the issues involved in Love and Relationship is of course to discuss these themes in a personal consultation together with your partner.

When ordering a horoscope, please indicate the time of birth as exactly as possible. In Germany, information regarding the exact time of birth is available from the hospital where a child was born or at the civil registry office. Moreover, the exact time of birth may be indicated on the birth certificate. Please do not rely on information given by the mother or a nurse or midwife that were present at the birth of your partner. All of them were quite busy at the moment of giving birth so astrological experience shows that it is advisable to rely on an officially registered time. If you do not know the exact time of birth of your partner, and also do not know where the official time of birth is available from according to the local practice in your country, please check into this matter first and then use the time that you or your partner deem to be as exact as possible in light of the given circumstances.

If you do not at all have an idea of the exact time of birth of your partner I suggest you consider having a personal consultation for yourself where we can enlighten the problems you face in your relationship from the perspective of your horoscope and, as a second step and with regards to drawing up a possible horoscope of your partner, we can then analyze different scenarios referring to the approximate time of birth of your partner.

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