Welcome on my website www.marcus-stelzmann.eu. It is my pleasure to share with you the personal insights I have gained and the material I have collected on this journey I have committed myself to after I had decided to broaden my horizons at the beginning of my studies in the fields of mediation and consciousness, around a quarter of a century ago. Here on this page, you will find some personal data and information to give you an impression of the professional experiences as well as of the personal experiences that have left their mark on my "emotional DNA”.

When visiting this site you will be accompanied by KJ and her four children Solon, Snowflake, Sappho and Aristotle. KJ is our lady cat. Some time ago, she decided to share her further journey through life with us. Having been instantly taken with her charm and wits, we of course agreed. However, at the time, KJ forgot to mention that she was an expectant mother. Of course, we also agreed to this. In return, the family was then willing to participate in a photo shooting for this website.


I was born on 27 May 1969 in Munich, Germany

1978 - 1982 Training in figure skating, 1980 - 1982 as competitive sport (ice dancing), 
1982 knee injury
1980 Divorce of my parents – profound experiences of solicitousness regarding the intense separation process going on between my parents; emerging interest in the intrinsic emotional dynamics experienced by humans in conflict situations –
1990 Death of my father – growing awareness, first spiritual experiences –
since 1990 Intensive private studies of consciousness as a phenomenon with regards to its philosophical,  scientific and holistic implications;extensive travelling with study visits in Spain, Italy, in the South of France and on Hawaii; comprehensive experiences in various fields of therapy (classical homeopathy, psychoanalysis, rebirthing, transpersonal therapy)
1990 - 1996 Law studies at the University Ludwig Maximilian in Munich
1992 - 1994 Acting lessons; director of a student theater group
1993 - 1995 Temporary assistant with a geriatric specialist journal, organization of a series of seminars for geriatric specialists in the newly-formed German states, assistant organization of nationwide medical congresses in the fields of geriatric medicine
1997 - 1998 Distribution of delicacy food grown on the basis of regional organic three-field system farming
since 1997 Working in various positions with a renowned patent attorney firm in Munich, since 2009 as a  business mediator
1998 - 2008 Training as a classical vocalist
since 1999 Continuous participation in seminars and intensives held by Chris Griscom, The Light Institute, New Mexico, USA; private supervision consultations with Chris Griscom
2000 - 2003 Education in holistic (= traditional, as well as scientifically/psychologically oriented) astrology at the Kepler Institut in Vienna, Austria
since 2000 Astrological Consultant
since 2001 Talks and lectures on themes of topical interest in the fields of mediation and astrology as well as on specific themes of fundamental relevance with respect to mediation and astrology
2009 - 2010 Education in business mediation at the private  
Institute Zweisicht, Freiburg/Breisgau, Germany
since 2009 Mediation practice