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The price for one children’s horoscope amounts to EUR 95. The horoscope will be sent to your address/e-mail address upon receipt of the total amount of your order on the following bank account:

IBAN: DE86700202700037762148

If you wish to receive a paper printout of the horoscope please check the corresponding box above. Please then add printing, postage and handling costs of EUR 12.50 to the amount of your remittance (EUR 12.50 for one horoscope; EUR 19.50 for two horoscopes; EUR 24.50 for three horoscopes; when ordering more than three horoscopes EUR 24.50 plus EUR 5.00 per additional horoscope).

Please remit the total amount of your order to the bank account as indicated above. Upon receipt of your order and upon receipt of the total amount corresponding to your order you will receive an e-mail with the ordered horoscope(s) attached. If you have ordered the horoscope as a paper printout, you will receive it by regular mail.

Of course you can also print this order form and send it to the address as indicated in the website credits.